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my old man

This is Bert, my old man - hell of a guy - that's where it all started




This portrait of Ruby Rose at age 12 was taken for Agnes B's book titled "Des photographes et le cardigan pression"

Paul Kwilecki - unsung hero

Paul Kwilecki photographed life in Bainbridge, Georgia and surrounding Decatur County from the 1960ties to 2001. I just came across these amazing photographs in an issue of Oxford Magazine, http:/ You can see Paul Kwilecki's pictures at http:/
Paul KwileckiPhotographs, Archive of Documentary Arts, Duke University

photographing love

Today I saw this article in The New Yorker Magazine titled "photographing love".
It's about photographers taking pictures of their wives/husbands sometimes over decades and it shows the beauty and strength of these relationships. I suppose every photographer takes pictures of the person closest to him or her and that inspired me to put up this picture of my wife. (see also the second picture in this blog) After all those years I still can't take my eyes off her.

street photography

things that caught my eye

Photographer’s gorgeous pictures of his girlfriend leading him around the world goes viral

Photgraphers and their famous pictures

Migrant Workers photographed as Superheroes

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